Festivals and Events

Festivals and Events

I love creating visual and engaging experiences for festivals and events. As creative director I work with artists, performers, designers and festival organisers to create memorable experiences.

Mermaids and Monsters Festival  art project

As part of the Oceans Festival, community members were invite to create their own ocean creature and imagine what strange, wonderful weird creatures might be living in the sea. I facilitated the half day workshop where 54 people participated. After this I created a short film based on their creations which was featured at the 2017 Oceans Festival in Hervey Bay.




Chalk Art festival experience

I have developed numerous chalk art projects which have been linked into Fraser Coast festivals. By securing sponsorshop from local organisation Stocklands, I was able to commission Chalk Artist David Hooper to lead the creation of several large ephemeral at works during the 2017 Streetlife festival.


Colour Me Carmen

A fun take on food, Colour Me Carmen was a live art experience involving a series of models inspired by iconic Carmen Miranda. Each model posed with variance food items and audiences joined in the experience, drawing and painting the model within the Relish Food Festival  festival.


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