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Spectrum explores the creative process  of  Artists Leigh West, Karen Roberts, Karen M Andersen and Nicole Duyst. Each artist has developed their creative process in response to their personal experience and environment. The exhibition chronicles the moments of flow and the times of tension; the quiet calm in between. As passionate mental health advocates, the artists encourage expression and healing through the creative process for community members. Spectrum explores a range of factors that drive creativity in a positive and optimistic light. As a strong colourful body of work, Spectrum empowers and motivates audiences to find beauty and joy in the human experience. It invites audiences to connect with each other and community, to express, share and grow.

Featuring painting, sculpture,  multimedia, installation by Leigh West, Karen Roberts, Karen M Andersen and Nicole Duyst.

Curator: Nicole Duyst





Curator Exhibition Kit

Promotional support

Photo wall

Spectrum links to the contemporary use of social media to promote artists and galleries. The exhibition features a large photo wall designed for audience engagement and social media sharing. The artwork is installed in each exhibiting venue with #spectrum and #(insert your gallery).


Artist Stories

The exhibition comes complete with video artist stories for social media and online promotion.

Exhibition video

An exhibition video tour of the exhibition for sharing online has been developed to encourage visitation to your gallery. This is designed for sharing prior or during the exhibition.

Artist engagement

Artists welcome the opportunity to visit your venue to engage audiences through artists talks and workshops.

Artist talks cover a range of topics including:

  • Healing and expression through arts
  • Connecting with audiences through social sharing
  • Whats the story – the story behind a particular artwork

Spectrum connects with a wide audience. Target audiences that will respond to Spectrum include:

  • Emerging artists
  • Established artists interested in growing social following
  • Mental health groups
  • School Students


Hervey Bay Regional Gallery 9 Feb – 18 March 2018


April 2018 – January 2021

Artist bio’s

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Leigh West

Karen Roberts

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