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As a creative consultant I can assist with projects that utilise the arts to promote cultural tourism, economic development and community development. By engaging with multiple stakeholders including local government, arts organisations, community and artists I can assist with the development of project plans, strategic documents and surveys.

Services I provide include:

  • Creative project concept development
  • Strategic documents
  • Stakeholder liaison and engagement
  • Community engagement workshops and facilitation
  • Gallery and museum review and assessment
  • Funding advise and information

Past projects

The Kenilworth Arts Council were interested in exploring a new model of delivery for their annual arts prize.

Creative Consultant

As a facilitator I bring my knowledge of arts to the table but my primary role is to engage the audience so that they feel comfortable and supported to express their opinions and share their knowledge. I record and collate feedback as we progress and start meaningful conversations.  We analyse and develop plans and action points.

After the workshop I provide an outcome report. The report varies depending on the project and group but commonly includes:

  • Purpose
  • Points of discussions
  • Actions and plans
  • Time frames and performance targets
  • Future vision




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