Our wedding Mana Island Fiji

I have always wanted to elope to a tropical island to be married. Mana Island Fiji was the perfect place. It was the most wonderfully relaxed day. A tropical cyclone was on the way but the weather cleared up for half a day on our wedding. Our gorgeous wedding planner Nancy took these pics for us. I love them so much, simple happiness a thousand miles from anywhere x

Completely – gracefully – honestly… you

leaha-1The last few years have been busy. Crazy busy, with amazing creative projects. But my camera has been packed away and only pulled out for a few corporate gigs.

So when Leaha asked me to do a pin up shoot with her, I said ‘ Hell yeah!” I have known Leaha for years, she was one of my first models when I started photography. And some of those images we took are still among my fave pics.

Taking pin up photos is a hugely satisfying, seeing woman find something unique and gorgeous about themselves and own it. Something no one else has.

To me Leaha is soft, kind, powerful and strong. And I think all of these quality shine in the photos. The kitchen goddess shoot was sooo much fun! Thanks to Chris for letting us throw cake all over your kitchen floor and rearrange your vintage treasures. ( Seriously, you have the coolest stuff.)

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who owns who she is – completely – gracefully – honestly. Thanks for inviting me and my camera to play x



Inspired Artist Feature: Karen Roberts

I think you know another artists work is special when you purchase a piece for yourself

Karen Roberts 1


A few years ago before I started working with local galleries, I walkedKaren Roberts 2 into Gatakers Artspace to see their latest exhibitions. I didn’t get far passed the front door before I was completely captivated by a group of incredible sculpted angles. As a lover of vintage and long time op-shopaholic, I LOVED all the vintage pieces that Karen Roberts had combined to create her unique angles.

Each one had it’s own sweet personality. They were made up of carefully sculptured little faces and bodies made from all sorts of wonderful treasures that Karen had found in her travels.  It was hard to choose just one, but eventually a little angel came home with me.

Fast forward a year and I am working at the Regional Gallery in Hervey Bay.  A lady walked in with bright red hair, a rainbow of coloured clothing and a beaming smile. She was just gorgeous I couldn’t take my eyes off her!  She introduced herself as Karen, an artist who had moved from Darwin and was looking for places to display her art in the Fraser Coast.  As she opened her bag and pulled out her artworks to show me my eyes lit up! This was the artist who’s work had enchanted me. I excitedly told I already owned her work and she was thrilled.

Karen Roberts 3

Karen Roberts 4

This was the start of my love affair  with Karen’s work, which I love even more now that I know her in person. She has a generosity of spirit and freely shares her knowledge and passion with others. I think Karen is a lot like her art, one of a kind, exuberant, colourful and I am sure she has little wings tucked away somewhere too!


I later found Karen also makes divine mermaid cushions and paints as well (talk about being greedy when God handed out talent).


Karen Roberts 5

Karen Roberts 6


Karen is a very active part of the local arts scene in the Fraser Coast. She runs workshops and is part of the Regional Arts and Tutors group as well as Artslink. She inspires many with her prolific ability to create new artworks. A visit to Karen’s Workshop is a treat. All her creatures are coming to life among the seemingly endless shelves of colorful materials, beads, paints and vintage treasures.

Karen Roberts 8

Karen’s work can be seen and purchased at Gatakers Artspace and The Regional Gallery. For Brisbane based fans of her work, pop into Aspire Gallery to see her creations.

Pop over to her Facebook Page to see her latest creations, there is something new there every week and it is always a treat to meet her latest creature.







“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people” – Leo Burnett

Inspired Artist Feature Robert Commandeuer

Stunning Cinematography with a smile:Robert Commandeuer

10994436_416428838523432_1330918683021944868_nA few years ago I was asked to breakfast with a group of girls and it became obvious that one of the group was not like the rest of us. Sitting at the end of the table was a man with a big smile, quite happy to be the token male at the ladies breakfast. I love a man who is totally at ease with women.

I sat next to Robert and I think we spent the next 2 hours talking about life, loss, love, art, photography and everything in between. So even before I knew what an amazing artist Robert was, I just really liked him.

And then I after seeing his cinemtography I was gobsmacked. He is AMAZING. Robert has a wonderful way of finding the beauty in every situation and capturing that on film. Seeing him in action filming a wedding I understood why. Sure is is technically brilliant. But it was the same feeling that I got from him that morning at breakfast that really made him great. His love for people and his ability to see the best in others allowed people to open themselves up to him and be open, raw, vulnerable and honest. And in this honesty there is real emotion. A type of beauty you can’t fake.

I love meeting artists who are genuine, down to earth and generous. And Robert is all of those in spades. If you haven’t seen his work, do yourself a favour and pop over to his Facebook page and take a sqiuzz.

While I on the topic of inspiring creatives in the Fraser Coast who inspires you with their creative talents?


How to make an artist smile

Most artists I know would keep making art even if they never sold another artwork. It’s kind of like people who love sport. There comes a time when you accept you probably won’t make the Olympics, but you keep turning up to training just the same. Because you love it. And it kind of defines who you are.

nicole mcbride 1I made the decision a while back to work full time, rather than be a full time artist. And I am lucky that my job involves working with other amazing artists. But the irony is that as I spend more time working in the arts, I have less time to be an artist. And that’s completely OK.

It makes me really appreciate the time I do have to create. It’s my personal Nirvana, the time I get to spend flicking paint around, listening to music, drinking wine. It’s a wonderful escape. I think making art is like taking a  holiday, without leaving home.

Because I don’t make a lot of art at the moment, it is so fulfilling when people love what I have made enough to buy it. It really reminds me that I AM still an artist. It is the icing on the cake. Would I stop creating if I never sold another piece? Probably not, but it is wonderful to feel the love.

And it sure puts a great big smile on my face to hear how much people love having my art in their home.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who comment, like and share my art. And a big thanks to those who love it enough to live with it in their homes.



Indykii photo shoot

My partner Stefan’s clever 12 year old daughter Imogen has opened her own online shop. It has been an exciting time for her finding clothes and accessories she loves to stock her shop with.

fashion photography Hervey Bay




And for me its been wonderful to be able to share my knowledge and help her achieve her dreams by creating her online shop and webpage.

I think it is so important that girls know that they can achieve anything they put their heart and soul into from an early age.

Today we had some fun in between rain showers and headed to one of my fave spots in Maryborough to take some pics for her Instagram account.  We had hoped the horses would play nice and star in the pics, but they were nowhere to be seen. ( next time remember carrots!)


fashion photography Hervey Bay

fashion photography Hervey Bay