Artist promotion

Artist promotion

I offer artist promotion using the most powerful engagement tool, visual storytelling.

Artist promotionVideo  and image based marketing are a huge part today’s social media and online sharing. Artist promotion Videos makes it easier to create a personal connection with consumers and are a  key element in successful art marketing. People want quick, succinct information. They want to know your story – who you are and what you represent.  I specialise in art marketing by telling your unique creative story in a way that authentically connects with your audience.

Artists Stories

As a creative I really love to work with other artists to tell their story. The artist videos I develop enable artists to tell there unique stories. It’s like a back stage pass, stepping into their studio and watching them at work, hearing about what inspires and motive them to create. Artist promotion is highly visual which makes video and image based marketing so powerful.


Creative Content

As as an artist i really love when I have the opportunity to develop creative content. This includes projects such as capturing video of theater productions and developing art pieces for exhibitions. Often I work with local government, theater and artists to create content to assist with the marketing and promotion of festivals and events.

My Clients

Clients I have worked with  include:


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