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Art Director: Creating community Connections

As an art director I am a huge believer in the power of creativity and that art is for everyone.

community art director

Community Art projects are an exciting way to bring community together to share,  connect and create. I am passionate about providing the required planning, development  and support to ensure  the outcome is a beautiful shared artwork.

I am always moved by how proud community members are to have helped develop an artwork. Often they have very little creative experience, so to be part of creating something meaningful and beautiful is hugely rewarding. Community art projects are a powerful way to connect with community and develop civic pride.

My clients include Local Governments, Galleries, corporate organisations and community groups. My particular areas of expertise as an art director  is working with multiple stakeholders to ensure the project  meets budgets, time frames, safety and compliance requirements. I am able to develop projects that respond to  corporate plans, town planning strategies and style guides. As a strategic thinker I am interested in the longevity and reach of arts projects which contribute to the livability and growth of  regional communities.

Community Art Director

Typically the stages of a project are:

  • Meeting with the client to understand the purpose, desired outcome, timeframe and location.
  • Developing a community arts project that responds to brief.
  • Consultation with relevant stakeholders including venue owners, Engineers, Town planners, Community Groups, Government bodies.
  • Project approval.
  • Submitting necessary applications.
  • Completing relevant OHS and risk assessments.
  • Marketing and promotion.
  • Delivery of community art project.
  • Installation and placement of artwork.
  • Opening event / celebration.
  • Outcome report and other relevant reporting.

Project management

Often there are many talented artists who can develop community arts ideas but they need support with planning, implementation and marketing. In this case I provide all the above services but also liaise  and support local artists to develop and implement projects. As an art director I find that including local artists grows capacity and skills  for local communities and encourages community engagement.

Community Art projects portfolio

Mosaic workshops art director 

community art directorThe Development of a large mosaic artwork for the Hervey Bay Regional Gallery was an exciting way to engage local community with the space. Over 50 people participated in developing a 15 meter abstract wave that was installed at the entrance to the venue.  We created the design for the mosaic, sourced materials and developed the casting techniques. We also oversaw the successful delivery of the workshop and installation of the large work . The result has been increased community engagement with the venue and a sense of community pride.



To engage people in the Maryborough Storytrail project, community members were invited to create a mosaic tile to be cast in the footpath in Marybrough. 45 community members participated in a workshop hosted at Gatakers Artspace and created  large mosaic tile creating enormous community pride in the project.



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