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Nicole Duyst Artist :: artworks for the heart and home

Nicole Duyst creates original artworks are inspired by the beautiful things in life, laughter, love, animals and nature. They are designed to inspire positivity in your home. Each piece is hand painted on stretched canvas and comes ready to hang.

Nicole Duyst



Nicole Duyst Artist : colourful contemporary

I am inspired by strong bold colours and each of my works is designed to be a statement piece for your home or workplace. I love thick paint and letting the medium do what it likes at time. The experimental aspect of art really excites me. Often I have very little idea of how my works will turn up, I just trust the process. For me creating is the place where my mind switches off and my intuition takes over. I let me hand do what it feels.  Often I use an image as a guide but the artwork quickly moves away from realism into abstraction.

Nicole Duyst Artist : Commissions

I love to work with clients to create a bespoke artwork. I am guided by subject, style and colour to create something unique for you. Because of the experimental  way i create, I don’t paint to order or reproduce artworks but listen to clients input on colour, texture and size.

Nicole Duyst Artist : Interior Design

I love collaborating with interior designers to create bespoke artworks. I enjoy working in large format to make statement artworks for each room. There is something really special about a person trusting you to design an artwork for their home. It’s a bit like a relationship really, I get to know the client, understand their personal taste an  what they are wanting the artwork to represent. Sometimes this is really personal to them  so I really value the trust placed in me to interpret their dreams and desires.

I also create photos and videography for clients that has a distinct creative edge rather than a corporate feel. I really love working with other creatives to assist with their promotion


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